Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chat Application Based On SQLITE

Wanted to have my small AJAX based application which can be deployed
anywhere so created that in application in Microsoft AJAX +
Session And Application objects

Worked fine but then i though it
will add additional load on the server as it uses the Application
object Also i was using the Asp.Net AJAX Update Panel for the same
which was not a good idea at all for a slick AJAX application

did some re-thinking of on this application and changed the way to
store the chat i used the sqLite DB for storing the chat log and to
slick down the AJAX call i used AJAX.Net pro i have not provided the
links cause i want you guys to google it a bit

This chat application Includes a Captcha Control Also to avoid machine attacks

The Demo you can see on

And Download the same from

Final List of tools used to create this chat application 2.0 Pro
Jquery ScrollTo PlugIn
Sqlite db
Firefox Sqlite Manager Add on
Sqlite DB provider