Friday, July 15, 2011

AspNet 4.0 Samples Released

I have released a new project on codeplex which shows many example of ASP.NET 4.0 Features
All Examples have code snippets and you can download and immediately get started.

Just download from

And Enjoy learning the best of Webform Features

Chart Controls
Meta Data (SEO)
Permant Redirect
URL Routing With Coding
URL Routing With Declaring
URL Routing Outbound
Auto start
Clean Web.Config files
Predictable ClientIDS
Selective ViewState
Htm The HtmlEncoder Utility Medthod
New Rendering Option for Check Box and Radio Button Lists
Persistent GridView Row Selection
Table Free Templated Controls
Easy State Compression
Tableless Menu Control
Imperative JavaScript Syntax
The ScriptLoader
jQuery Syntax for Microsoft Ajax
AJAX Data Templates
Hidden Field Divs
Disabled Control Styling
Managing ViewState with ViewStateMode

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