Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starting a blog Series on C# 2.0 to 5.0

During next few days i will be talking about the below given features of C Sharp

Code is available on codeplex on this URL

C# 2.0

  • Partial class
  • Partial methods
  • Generics
  • Nullable types
  • yield keyword
  • anonymous methods (the delegate keyword)
  • null coalescing operator (??)

C# 3.0
  • Auto Implemented properties
  • Lambada
  • object initializes Collection initializes
  • Anonymous Types
  • Var
  • Extension Methods
  • LINQ

C# 4.0
  • Dynamic word
  • Covariant and contravariant generic type parameters
  • Optional Parameters and Named Arguments
  • Tuples
  • Task Parallel Library

C# 5.0
  • Async
  • Await

  •  Advance Generics 1 {Classes , Func}
  • Advance Generics 2 {Action , Predicate}

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is really visible JQuery Selector

Sometimes you will face a challange with jQuery Selectors that a DOM element is really visible or not.
Lets take following example

A Parent div is hidden and there is a txtname inside it which is not visible to the viewer as its parent div is not visible and based on this you need to take a action
so now you can use this extender selector to find out this is really visible or not

reallyhidden: function (a) {
var obj = $(a);
while ((obj.css(“visibility”) == “inherit” && obj.css(“display”) != “none”) && obj.parent()) {
obj = obj.parent();
return (obj.css(“visibility”) == “hidden” || obj.css(‘display’) == ‘none’);


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Installing DOTNETNUKE On a remote shared hosting environment

Installing DOTNETNUKE On a remote shared hosting environment

  1. Create A DB On the Remote Server
  2. Add Right Portal Alias to the local db with the help DotNetNuke CMS
  3. Upload Installation files with the FTP Client
  4. Copy Schema with Sql compare
  5. Copy Data With Sql Data Compare
  6. Manually Copy the PortalLocalisation Records
  7. Change the connectionString of the Website and test

1> Create the DB with your Control panel create a user on the same

2> Add Portal Alias with the Help of Host Account in DotNetnuke CMS Admin >> Site Settings >> Advance Settings >> Add new portal Alias

3> Connect your website with the help of FTP and Upload All files then go on and delete the files from Remote Server Portals\0\Cache\Modules\

4> Copy Schema With Sql Compare

5> Copy Data With SQL Compare

(You can restore the backup on your server if you know how to do it but to save time you can use sql compare)

(Also to use SQL Compare your remote sql server port should be open)

5> Manually Copy the Records In PortalLocalisation Table And Any Other table Which is Failed in SQL Data Compare

7> Change the connection String And Walla you are good to go

Friday, July 15, 2011

AspNet 4.0 Samples Released

I have released a new project on codeplex which shows many example of ASP.NET 4.0 Features
All Examples have code snippets and you can download and immediately get started.

Just download from

And Enjoy learning the best of Webform Features

Chart Controls
Meta Data (SEO)
Permant Redirect
URL Routing With Coding
URL Routing With Declaring
URL Routing Outbound
Auto start
Clean Web.Config files
Predictable ClientIDS
Selective ViewState
Htm The HtmlEncoder Utility Medthod
New Rendering Option for Check Box and Radio Button Lists
Persistent GridView Row Selection
Table Free Templated Controls
Easy State Compression
Tableless Menu Control
Imperative JavaScript Syntax
The ScriptLoader
jQuery Syntax for Microsoft Ajax
AJAX Data Templates
Hidden Field Divs
Disabled Control Styling
Managing ViewState with ViewStateMode

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi Friends

Short URL Starter kit released on Web

Just released a new tool for creating short url web sites
It has great features just plug your design and you are ready to go

Codeplex page

Download page

And the great roadmap from here

The Current version is Alfa 2

Check it out and own your own
tinyurl or shrinkster like website

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chat Application Based On SQLITE

Wanted to have my small AJAX based application which can be deployed
anywhere so created that in application in Microsoft AJAX +
Session And Application objects

Worked fine but then i though it
will add additional load on the server as it uses the Application
object Also i was using the Asp.Net AJAX Update Panel for the same
which was not a good idea at all for a slick AJAX application

did some re-thinking of on this application and changed the way to
store the chat i used the sqLite DB for storing the chat log and to
slick down the AJAX call i used AJAX.Net pro i have not provided the
links cause i want you guys to google it a bit

This chat application Includes a Captcha Control Also to avoid machine attacks

The Demo you can see on

And Download the same from

Final List of tools used to create this chat application 2.0 Pro
Jquery ScrollTo PlugIn
Sqlite db
Firefox Sqlite Manager Add on
Sqlite DB provider